There’s no doubt that kids simply love to be entertained at parties, from the tiny tots, up to older children.  And the range of kids party entertainers is expanding regularly! There’s so many to choose from – face painters to magicians, superheroes to fairies, and everything in between! 

But where do you start?

You don’t want to disappoint your kids. You don’t want to break the bank. But what you do want to do is give your kids a party they’ll remember for years to come with minimum stress and maximum success.

When you choose the right party entertainer for your child’s party, you can rest assured the entertainment is taken care of at such a level that you can relax and enjoy the fun along with everyone else!

We understand it can be overwhelming. As you only get one chance to give your little darlings the ‘best party ever’, here are our top tips to make sure you get it right the first time!

Be age appropriate

You don’t need us to tell you there’s a world of difference between a group of four-year-olds and a group of 10-year-olds. If you go too far above or below the age group when choosing a children’s party entertainer, you risk losing interest resulting in your little people looking for entertainment elsewhere. Fantastic Kids Parties on the Gold Coast provide a complete package based on the ages and number of children. They tailor their performance or act to your guests, and once you’ve told them your child’s lies and dislikes, you won’t have to do a thing!

Do your research

Make sure you choose an entertainer with good reviews either on Facebook, Google or their website. Super Party Heroes receives consistently good reviews for kid’s party entertainment on Facebook and Google. If you don’t see any client testimonials, it’s entirely reasonable for you to pick up the phone and ask for some.

Set a limit on the number of guests

When searching for a child’s party entertainer, it’s important that you know how many kids will attend before you book. The number of guests can have a significant impact on the cost, the act, and the venue and you don’t want to be left short if the guest list rises once you’ve already booked.

Add a touch of magic

Every child loves magic, and you can’t beat entertainment from Gold Coast magicians like Awesome Adam and Magic Mike  A magician will come to the party at your home or venue and spellbind the kids so much they’ll remember the party for years to come as they marvel over illusions they saw right before their very eyes. 

Always make sure your entertainer has a Blue Card

When you choose a kid’s party entertainer, you have a responsibility to your kids and their friends. Always make sure your entertainer has an up-to-date Blue Card. You’re within your rights to ask to see it beforehand. There’s nothing wrong with being cautious in this area, in fact, we recommend it.

Arrange for the children’s party entertainer to arrive after the party has started

To avoid the risk of kids turning up late and missing out on the entertainment, ask your entertainer to arrive 30-60 minutes after the party has started and make a discreet entrance, fully dressed up. There’s nothing like ruining the air of magic if a child sees their entertainer rushing around out of character. Confetti Hosts offer a Games Galore package with a focus on pure fun and games – no waiting around to get your face painted. They suggest starting the entertainment 30 minutes after guests arrive, which leaves enough time to chat with friends before the cake cutting! 

Have a backup plan

In most cases, kids’ parties go off without a hitch; everyone has a great time, and guests leave happy and filled with memories that last a lifetime.   But you only get one chance, and in the event of illness or an emergency, the company you’ve used will step in with their Plan B.  If you’ve used an independent operator, you may not get this chance, and you’ll need to have a backup plan to salvage the day.

Do some Google searching before the big day and make a list of kid’s party entertainers that you can quickly refer to in the event of an emergency. Failing that, have a costume lined up for an unsuspecting guest and hit them with a repertoire for their performance of a lifetime!


The best advice we can give you when choosing a kid’s party entertainer is to ENJOY IT! This is your child’s special day and happy days create the kinds of memories that will last forever.

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