Finding birthday presents for your childs classmate can be hard and turning up without one is not an option. So we thought 5 easy DIY gifts you can make with your little one. Also, a great way to teach your cherub that it’s the thought that matters most!

  1. Movie Night

Memories are what last, and with this little movie night hamper your kiddo can gift their friend with a night they can’t forget.

2. Sunday Making Funday

What kid doesn’t love ice cream sundaes! Create a delicious treat the kids and their pal can enjoy together. Which lets be real, is the real present!

3. Pamper Pack

Calling all little girls who are continuously getting into their mums makeup, nail polish and hair accessories. This one is the gift for you!

4. What’s Baking

If you are always cleaning up the kitchen after your little bakers and their friends, why not share the love with the other parents by gifting their kiddo with a Bakers Kit.

5. Who Let The Fort Out

ATTENTION!!! Are your kids and their friends fort loving rascals? Are continuously making your lounge room non functional, due to the massive chair ridden, sheet covered mess in the middle of it? Sounds like a fort kid is the perfect gift!