All our little girls should get the chance to be a princess at least once in their life. So we have gathered 10 gorgeous and fun party themes to channel your littles ones inner Princess.

  1. “Be our Guest” Tea Party

If you have a little one who is smart, outspoken, curious and selfless. It sounds like you have yourself a Belle. So whats a better way to celebrate her then a Tea Party.

2. Warrior Princess Party

If your little girl doesn’t mind getting dirty, brave and a little warrior. Then the non traditional empress Mulan is her inner princess. So she should have a day celebrating like Chinese royalty.

3. Enchanted Forest Party

As we know Snow White had found her happy place in the enchanted forest surrounding herself with kind and loving beings. So if you wish nothing more than a day for your little princess to feel the love like Snow White did, an enchanted party is the way to go.

4. A Cinderella’s Birthday

Are you always asking your little princess to clean up her mess, or find she is missing a shoe… It sound like you have your self a Cinderella. All you need now is a pumpkin for the ball, and she’ll have a bipity bopity birthday.

5. Moana’s Island Party

Now if the beach and the ocean are your daughters happy place, there is no telling “How far you’ll go” with this awesome Moana islander party.

6. Atlantica Princess

An indescribable day for your water baby would be an under the sea party theme. A day spent not only as a mermaid but as royalty!

7. Sleeping Beauty

If your little princess is kind, loving, dreamy, optimistic and friendly. She sounds a lot like the sleeping beauty Aurora. So here’s a day dedicated to her.

8. Winter Kingdom

If you have a frozen loving little girl. Make her day by giving her a winter wonderland kingdom.

9. Tangled

Calling all adventure seeking, clumsy, brave and selfless girls to get Tangled in a super fun day spent as Repunzal.

10. Whole New World

Take your little girl around the world on a magic carpet ride…. Or at least back to Arabia where she can experience the day as Princess Jasmine.