Kids Birthday Parties are always a hard one to plan. Not knowing what theme to use is one of the most challenging parts of the planning, especially boys. We all want to make our cheeky monkeys day as special as can be, so here are 10 adventure filled party ideas that can hopefully ease the stresses of organising your little boys big day!

  1. Construction

A theme that lets your little one do what he loves best! Getting their hands muddy, building tower after tower and of course playing in the sandpit with their diggers.

2. Space

A day for your little astronaut to be amongst the stars where he can exhaust all ends of his imagination throughout the galaxy.

3. In The wild

Boys notorious for being their own species of wild animal, so why not theme your little monkeys next birthday as the jungle. A day where they can be as a wild as they can be.

4. Surf’s Up

If you have yourself a little grom that loves nothing more than salty hair and sandy feet, a surfs up party will be a favourite.

5. Superhero

What little boy doesn’t have a superhero they want to be when they grow up! So why make them wait when they can have day being their favourite hero.

6. Pirate

Let your scaly wag go on an adventure through the cursed seas, in hope to find the lost treasure on their special day.

7. Lego Land

If you are constantly stepping on tiny bits of lego around the house or spending endless hours with your little one building their dream lego city, you cant go wrong with this epic theme.

8. Nerf War

A great theme for your little Nerf Warrior. An epic day for an epic battle and a party that surely won’t be forgotten.

9. Race Car

If you’re in care of a fast and furious racer then this is the theme for you. Get them to the finish line with this car mania day.

10. Minecraft

This theme is a perfect way to bring your Minecraft loving sons virtual world to life.